Why Is Christmas So Cheesy?

December 6, 2012 — 2 Comments

Awkward confession: Mariah_Carey_Christmas
I love Mariah Carey Christmas. (The first one, of course) I know all the words. This disqualifies me from cool.

I admit it, it’s cheesy.
If we’re honest, lots of Christmas songs are cheesy.

They’re examples of how something beautiful (Christmas) can appear trite and naive through it’s communication. These songs don’t make Christmas cheesy, but they turn our perception of Christmas to light and fluffy, like a Powdermilk Biscuit. I can’t throw stones – I wrote Santa Claus is Dead.

There’s nothing wrong with light and fluffy, it’s just not the whole story. Like reading one random chapter of a novel – it’s missing the rest of the story.

The rest of the story explains why. The rest of the story calls us towards awe, mystery and beauty. Apart from the rest of the story, we drift towards light and fluffy – cheesy.

Much of life is like that. Marriage is reduced to Hallmark, parenting is reduced to soccer games and work is reduced to money.

Christmas often appears cheesy because the awe, mystery and beauty that it represents haven’t been communicated well.

Which is a reminder of why we need artists in the world.

That’s why we create.
To shine meaning and purpose into a dark and hopeless world.To fight for the idea that there is truth to be discovered and meaning to be found…and shared.To rise above light and fluffy, and also above cynicism.

To share the rest of the story.




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2 responses to Why Is Christmas So Cheesy?

  1. I love that album too. You’re not alone.

    Not alone at all.

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