Help! Week 2 – Planning Vs. Doing

August 19, 2013 — 3 Comments


Growing older has led me to two conclusions:

1. Planning makes life work better

2. Yoda trumps Jar Jar Binks

The creative process of my first book was this:

Start writing.

So I did. Without much planning at all, I wrote, created out a rough outline, completely changed everything, and then tried to fit random thoughts into some kind of order. It ended up as a collection of random thoughts on creativity loosely tied together. The random-ness worked, but I think could be improved.

I’d like for this project to have a more cohesive and planned structure, so am trying to take the time at the beginning to outline my thoughts, giving them an “arc” from beginning to end. I know it will change as I jump into it, but am working to be more disciplined to see if the end result is clear and focused.

Editing the last book took about 9 revisions and sometimes felt like swimming upstream through maple syrup, but not sweet. So I’m trying to plan – even a little neurotically – hoping that outlining it up front should both smooth and speed up this process.

My tentative plan, as you may have seen earlier, includes:

  • Define overall purpose, mission, plan, and objectives for both the book and blog
  • Define core values for project
  • Define goals of work and content for both
  • Set and review goals

I’m spending an inordinate amount of time up front to plan, hoping it pays off with a smoother and faster process and ultimately a better book. Balancing the tension of planning and doing will require constant management, so I’m curious to see how it goes.

This post is Week 2 of the Help! I’m Writing A Book! series. Catch the other posts here.

Question – How do you balance the tension of Planning vs. Doing?


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3 responses to Help! Week 2 – Planning Vs. Doing

  1. Just remember that you are doing; planning is an action. The real tension is between doing something and doing nothing. Keep up the good work Jeremy

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