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I recently had the privilege of presenting a business idea to the investors at Shark Tank.

Below is a transcript of my pitch.

Hi Sharks, I’m Jeremy Secrest and I’m seeking a $25,000 investment for a 15% stake in my company.

With present company excluded, how many people do you know who dislike their job? Job dissatisfaction is at an astronomical level, with a staggering 81% of employees listed as not “satisfied” with their job, according to a recent survey.

Job dissatisfaction leads to stress, fatigue and mental illness. It’s one of the most widespread conditions in developed nations.

Until now.

With my new product, you’ll be able to leave the 9-5, the stress, and the fatigue behind while maintaining that same steady paycheck and same benefits from your current company. Who knew sleeping in, checking Twitter and making breakfast quesadillas could pay so well?

What’s this new product?


A ROBOT THAT GOES TO WORK FOR YOU® is literally that – a robot that goes to your job and does your work for you. This allows you to rest, spend time with friends and catch up on some quality “you” time.

Now, you might be thinking “How could this work? Wouldn’t an employer notice a robot showing up instead of the employee?” Working with some of the top names in the film industry, we’ve created a 3-D skeletal mold, skin-like resin and makeup to create incredibly realistic likenesses based on your unique body type, facial structure and skin tone. You just add clothes and your robot is off to work.

Our robots are pre-programmed with over 3,000 job skills, ranging from groundskeeping to graphic design. We even have an “executive track” upgrade available for those looking to expand their career.

Sharks, with a global population of 7 billion people, this is a trillion dollar market. We are currently pre-cash, but have already had discussions with many of the major box stores as well as have major interest from a multitude of boutique robot shops. Our projections put us at 100 million dollars within the next year.

Sharks, I have one more thing to share: I’m a robot. Jeremy is actually at home eating guacamole and watching Star Wars.

Now, who wants to stop working and start living with A ROBOT THAT GOES TO WORK FOR YOU®!


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