Help! Week 3 – Writing A Book With An iPhone

August 26, 2013 — Leave a comment

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My wife finds it highly attractive when I remember that “Freaky people are the beauty of the earth” was written on our neighbor’s van 4 years ago but forget to move dishes into the dishwasher.

My mind seems to work in small little phrases – movie quotes, commercial jingles, Proverbs, Twitter.

As I’ve thought about this book project, ideas seem to come in these short little phrases. Once they jump into my brain I have to write them down before they run off, so I email them to myself on my iPhone.

I then collect all these emails into a document, which currently has over 5,000 words of notes and short phrases.


I feel like the majority of content for my book is already written, but I now need to dig through a junkyard to collect and put things together in working order.

Searching through all that content might feel like American Pickers – Microsoft Word Edition, but I’m curious to see how this process plays out. Having the chance to think through the content of this book for a couple years should ideally give the project a head start with more refined concepts. It seems this could both speed the writing process as well as make the end product more clear and polished.

We’ll see.

If you spot a 30-something guy typing furiously into his phone looking like he’s trying to be witty, deep and intellectual while sitting in a powder blue minivan at Aldi, try to not point and laugh.


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