HELP! I’m Writing A Book! Week 1

August 12, 2013 — 2 Comments


Last December I self-published my first book.

I secretly pictured others saying “Wow! This book is a secret gem. I’ll share this with everyone I know, including Oprah and the girl from the Progressive commercials.” Then, I would sit back and watch my Amazon sales skyrocket, I quit my job, become a full-time author and then bask in wonderful wonderfulness.

The reality is I’ve sold 82 copies.

So, I’m not quitting my job. Despite pocketing $1.20 per hour, I LOVED writing Creative You and am ready to write a new book.

As noted earlier, I’m going behind-the-scenes in the process.

Here, in what I’m marking as Week 1*, I’m starting this book. Honestly, I’m extremely excited to jump in and see where this goes.

Because I tend to like starting things instead of finishing, I decided  that during “Creative You” I couldn’t start the new book until I completed Creative You and blogged for a few months.

It’s now go time.

Here is my tentative starting plan:

  • Read through notes
  • Define overall purpose, mission, plan, and objectives for book
  • Define core values for project
  • Define overall mission, plan and objectives for blog
  • Define goals of work and content for both
  • Set realistic rough draft of content goals for both
  • Review content goals each month
  • Set end result goal


This is going to take awhile…


 * In full disclosure, I’m working ahead to create a backlog of posts, so the behind-the-scenes aren’t in “real-time”. 


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I'm a graphic designer, songwriter and author of "Creative You - Making Life A Creative Project." I write about creativity and making life a creative project.

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