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Making Life A Creative Project

“…like a shot in the arm for the creative within each of us.” - Jack Schull | Pastor, Elements City Church

Why creativity?

Creativity can seem…flowery, or something reserved for the lovers,the dreamers and people with less to do than you.

But what if daily life could be creative?

What if creativity could make a tangible difference in your work, relationships and spaghetti?

I’m a professional creative, but when it comes to regular life I’m something of an idiot.
In the middle of various fun, creative projects, I realized my daily life was surprisingly…uncreative.

Which got me thinking…I’d like to make life a creative project.


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CREATIVE YOU is for those of us looking to be more creative, but feel stuck on the launch pad.

Applying principles of creativity I’ve learned as a graphic designer and songwriter, it offers a framework to both understand and launch creativity in your daily life.


What others (a.k.a. my friends who I may or may not have given money) are saying:

“A fantastic book for anyone who wants to increase their creativity in their work life or everyday life. You can’t fake passion, and Jeremy is clearly passionate about helping folks be more creative. Very inspiring!” - Bryan Allain, author of Actually, Clams Are Miserable

“…inspires me to be more creative, and it accurately pinpoints a lot of the barriers I face in doing that.” - Mark Notess, Very There Consulting

“…this book speaks to me. Its like this creepy little Jeremy is crawling around in my head making sense of ‘me.'” - Michael Carron, Pastor – One Life Church

“I read it.” - Jan Secrest , Jeremy’s Mom

“Creative You is the most “Creative” book I’ve ever read!”Josh Engler, Songwriter



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About Me Creative-You-Book-Headshot

I’m a graphic designer, songwriter and author of “Creative You – Making Life A Creative Project.” I write about creativity and am currently working on a new book project. LEARN MORE.



Quick Facts About CREATIVE YOU

  • 100 pages
  • 10,000 words (approx)
  • Started as a 20,000 word rough draft
  • You can read it in 45 minutes if you read as slowly as I do
  • It includes some fun vintage and retro images
  • Ebook version is only $2.99
  • The whole process took me around 19 months to complete…about 9 months more than I originally figured
  • I’d love to hear your feedback on it…