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As a 19 year-old I was convinced that after submitting my comic strip to syndicates, I’d be able to quit my lawn care job within a year.

  • A couple years later, I was convinced a house-flipping business with my friends would take off.
  • Two years after that I was convinced my band would make it.
  • After college I was convinced my design business would work.
  • A few years later I was convinced it had all come full circle and writing pop songs for a pre-teen band during the height of the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana craze would pay off our mortgage.

And yet:

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As the writer of a book that’s sold 80 copies (and who’s been writing intentionally only 4 years), it feels pretentious to share my creative process.

It’s not like masses of people (or anyone, actually) are waiting for me to reveal hidden secrets. My mom’s never even asked.

But we’re in this together.

You create. I create. We share.

So, I’m sharing.

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Write Book iPhone 440px

My wife finds it highly attractive when I remember that “Freaky people are the beauty of the earth” was written on our neighbor’s van 4 years ago but forget to move dishes into the dishwasher.

My mind seems to work in small little phrases – movie quotes, commercial jingles, Proverbs, Twitter.

As I’ve thought about this book project, ideas seem to come in these short little phrases. Once they jump into my brain I have to write them down before they run off, so I email them to myself on my iPhone.

I then collect all these emails into a document, which currently has over 5,000 words of notes and short phrases.
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Last December I self-published my first book.

I secretly pictured others saying “Wow! This book is a secret gem. I’ll share this with everyone I know, including Oprah and the girl from the Progressive commercials.” Then, I would sit back and watch my Amazon sales skyrocket, I quit my job, become a full-time author and then bask in wonderful wonderfulness.

The reality is I’ve sold 82 copies.

So, I’m not quitting my job. Despite pocketing $1.20 per hour, I LOVED writing Creative You and am ready to write a new book.

As noted earlier, I’m going behind-the-scenes in the process.

Here, in what I’m marking as Week 1*, I’m starting this book. Honestly, I’m extremely excited to jump in and see where this goes.
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Some people play sports. Some spend time with friends. Some do charity work.

I wrote a theme song for my blog. Don’t judge.

Go behind-the-scenes as I write a book. Or go do something worthwhile.