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Like Ethan Hunt, I’ve gone rogue to begin work on a new project. Except my going rogue involves taking a break from blogging and posting less on Twitter.

Check back soon for more info and obscure Star Wars references.

When you think about food creatively you begin to think about
everything creatively – Tim Ferriss, Author of The 4 hr Chef

Tim Ferriss, Author of 4 Hour Chef, on Food and Creativity

Dallas Willard on Hurry

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Good advice from Dallas Willard for both creativity and for life.



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No one wants to listen to someone talk for an hour, unless it’s a stand-up comedian.

Somehow, comedians get people to pay money to sit and listen to them. For an hour.

No lights, no smoke, no music.

Just talking.

I recently ran a merch table for comedian Bob Smiley. Watching him reminded me how talented stand-up comedians really are, and how masterful they are as creatives.

Here are a few reasons why:

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Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.

Does your work not measure up to the level you think it should? Here’s some great advice from Ira Glass on how to close the gap.

Creative Quotes by Albert Einstein


Great quote on creativity by Albert Einstein.

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Like the cosmos, I need space. 

I’d like to impress you by saying I work 60 hours a week,

but I get edgy when I work too much.

Maybe I’m lazy.

I really don’t think so.

But, I like life better when I have space. 

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Dr Seuss and Creativity

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Dr. Seuss wrote a series of books aimed at younger readers.

Each book was created with fewer than 250 simple words such as “to,” “too,” “ball” and “bump.” The king of made up words like “zizzer-zazzer-zuzz” and “yuzz-a-ma-tuzz” limited himself to these simple words. This series of beginner books became extremely popular, including “The Cat In The Hat,” “Green Eggs and Ham” and others.

Like Dr. Seuss, our current circumstances are an opportunity for a creative solution. You might be thinking “Here comes the pep talk, our circumstances don’t define us, blah blah.” Humor me—just think about it. The things that confine something are sometimes the things that define it.
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the hobbit and lord of the rings inspiration

Magical Worlds.

Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien spent a huge part of his life creating the fictional world of Middle Earth, fashioning Hobbits, Orcs, Wizards and even an Elvish language. If you’re cool and have social skills, this seems stupid. The rest of us know how awesome it really is.

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of creating worlds. I’ve heard screenwriters, as they create characters and worlds, wonder if God felt the same way they do when He was creating Adam, Eve and the rest of creation. There’s something inherently intriguing about it.
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Rest and Creativity

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Rest And Creativity

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I recently borrowed “Orbiting the Giant Hairball*” from my brother-in-law. In it, author Gordon MacKenzie talks about how a farmer wants a cow to give more milk than it’s giving*. The cow just stands there chewing and digesting food. The farmer can yell and cajole to increase the cow’s productivity, yet not receive anything extra.

The standing there, chewing and digesting, that’s the work the cow does. No amount of yelling will affect his output. Even if the cow appears lazy, he’s actually doing the work which creates what the farmer is looking for. Chewing faster doesn’t always help.
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